Online casino not paying out money?

Your online casino is not paying out the money you won? Then contact us.

Online casinos are very popular. Targeted advertising attracts customers. When a bigger profit has finally been made, many customers naturally want to have the profit paid out. Often, however, there are difficulties with the payout. While the deposit is processed easily in seconds, the withdrawal is delayed.

It is possible that the online casino does not have all the necessary data for the payout. If there are problems with the payout, you should first check all data for correctness and completeness. But even when these are complete, customers report problems. So invoices are required. Certified documents are requested, etc. No matter what the customers do, they will not receive their money.

How can action be taken against the online casino if it is not paid out?

The first thing to check is whether the money is rightly not being paid out. Often a bonus has to be implemented before it is paid out. The extent to which such a thing is permissible must always be checked on a case-by-case basis. Often, however, it is a delaying tactic. Then it is important to keep your nerve. Do not play any further. All too often, customers gamble away all of their profits.

Does the player actually get their money?

If the online casino is based in the European Union, there is a good chance of getting the money back. However, if it is based outside the EU, it is usually difficult to get the money.

Players should therefore pay attention in advance to where they are depositing their money.

If the casino refuses to pay, please contact us.

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